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Four Applications You Must Have On Your Phone As A Blogger

PostPosted: 2017-11-12 - 14:25
by BigBrother
The normal required gadget for blogging is usually the personal computer or laptop but the disadvantage of the device is that due to it size, you cannot usually take it around to wherever you may go to and as a blogger, constant checks and updating of your blog is very essential.

This is mostly true for entertainment, sport etc. blogs. So this called for a more stringent system to be applied which un-arguably is the use of mobile devices therefore Nijablog brings you some applications that can help you in maintaining your blog even with the absence of your personal computer.

1. Puffin Browser
This is one of the most powerful browser in modern mobile devices browsing history. Apart from the very good user experience this browser offers, your ability to view a website or blog with a desktop view is one of the features that singles out this browser and this is necessary that you may have a feel of what desktop visitors of your blog experience both it layout and presentation.

2. Blogger Android App
The simplicity of this app is why I am recommending it for bloggers using the Google blogspot as a platform for blogging. With this Application, you can easily create a simple blog post with all it features, assign a label to it and many others.

3. Xplore
This is an Android file manager but even more than a file manager as you can use it to unzip various files, edit the contents and codes of various files etc. So this application is mostly needed cause editing a blog template/theme with a mobile phone is something a hell of some sort due to it slowness especially when it codes are rampant, this is mostly true for blogspot blogs. so you can easily use Xplore to read your template codes, edit and save.

4. AndFtp
This is mostly for blogger using self-hosted platforms and script maybe, Drupal, Joomla and others. With AndFtp which is a server manager, you can easily manage the contents and features of your blog on an Android phone easily and safe.

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