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Steps To Take Before Creating A Website

PostPosted: 2017-09-23 - 11:39
by BigBrother
There are various ways and reasons to want to make a presence on the World Wide Web and one of he best way to do so is owning a website.

There are numerous reasons people create a website

The website can be a way to show the world what you can do, or show the world your product and services or even want to make a little change like me.

1. Choosing A Domain Name

The domain name is your website’s address on the web so choose a good one that is:
Descriptive: Choose a domain name that describes what your website is about at a glance. is a good example so let's break it into pieces, the TECH in the domain name specifies that the website is about technology and the KNOW makes it clear that technology is being preached on the site, and the last part of it is the NG, this finishes the targeting, it tells that the website is Nigerian. So if you are choosing a domain name make sure it points directly to what you do .
2.Keep it short and simple : Domains with long name are easily forgotten, the best way to lure your readers to come back is keeping your domain name simple and short, this way they can remember your site easily.
2. Buying Your Web Hosting

A web hosting provider rents out web space to domain owners while domain registrars sells domain names. Many companies offer both hosting and domain name.

There are also important things to consider before buying a host:
Bandwidth : This is the amount of data your website can transfer to the internet and the amount of data your website can receive, bandwidth usage are measured in Gigabytes and Megabytes. Some hosting providers offers unlimited hosting.
Uptime: Uptime is the amount of time the server your hosting provider is up and running . Any hosting provider can go down sometimes but you want to find a provider with very little downtime so visitors can almost always see your website.
Security : Make sure to understand that your hosting provider have extra measures taken to ward off attacks by hackers. Find out how they have moved to secure your data and the data of people using your site.
Support : You should look for a responsive hosting company, the company that answers your query fast, that's why I used the word responsive. Your hosting company should be able to reply you within a very short time when you conatect them about issues concerning your account.
Price: Hosting providers charge a wide range of prices; some are even free. You need to balance how much you're willing to pay with the services you’ll receive in return.
Ease of use: Make sure you use the hosting company that it's user platform is very easy to use.
3. Determine Your Audience

Like a person once told me, unless you put your content forward to people then be ready to read your post yourself. Understanding your audience is very essential in creating a website. You have to write posts according to the domain name you chose. A fashion blogger shouldn't be writing about technology, only post about what you specialise in.
4. Structuring Your Site

The key to creating a good site is the quality of the post you write. A good post makes readers come back for more. A good post should be :

Useful and informative : If you are creating a site for a restaurant, the hour of service, location, what you offer and means of contact should be included in the post.
More valuable and useful than other sites: If you write about how to train a dog, make sure your article provides more value or a different perspective than the numerous articles on the web on dog training.
Quality and uniqueness : When writing posts your content should be unique and true. This is also another way to rank well in search engines.
Be careful of things that can make visitors not trust your site or leave: e.g Errors such as broken links or wrong information, grammar or spelling mistakes, excessive amount of ads Spam such as comment or forum spam.

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